About us

‘Geri norai LT’ is a NGO established by Jurgita Ribinskaitė –  Glatzer seven years ago. The organisation aims to support other NGOs, social enterprises and individuals seeking to implement positive social changes in the country. Our main organisation activities include consulting and training. In the years 2016 – 2020 Geri Norai LT acted as the ‘Reach for Change’ representative body in Lithuania and implemented numerous social enterprise incubator programmes, providing opportunities to start 15 new social enterprises across the country. ‘Geri norai LT’ is also a member of the consortium administrating ‘Active Citizens Fund’ in Lithuania. 

During the past four years our activities have included around: 

training participants
Public events participants
Social enterprises participating in capacity building programs

We work with:

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We consult clients about social responsibility, help to plan, implement and measure positive impact on society and the environment. 

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Social enterprises

We run training sessions and offer consultations about social entrepreneurship. In this way we help social entrepreneurs to acquire necessary knowledge and skills. 

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We work with NGOs in Lithuania and abroad. Together we implement various projects targeting social entrepreneurship, social impact management and others. 

Meet our team!

Rūta Žulpaitė

Project Manager

After studying and working in Scotland for five years I’m continuing my professional journey in Lithuania. Working in an organisation that contributes to positive change in our society provides me with a lot of meaning and satisfaction. I am also a climate activist and someone who’s passionate about environmental protection. 

Jurgita (5)

Jurgita Ribinskaitė – Glatzer


I have been working in the third sector for 20 years and I don’t feel bored of it at all. It is extremely interesting to observe how the boundaries between business and NGO sectors are being blurred, how our society is changing and most importantly – it is amazing to take part in those processes. I have an art management degree and love raising existential questions as well as searching for harmony and beauty everywhere I go. 


Violeta Anzienė

Finance Manager

My job experience has been acquired while working in the management of  the biggest banks based in Lithuania. I have been managing my own teams and consulting big and small businesses. Now I’m using this experience in working towards positive social change in our society and a more inclusive environment for all.  Finance is an extremely important discipline in all industries.