Turning your kind wishes into good deeds


Consultations and training

We help to plan and strengthen the work of social businesses and social initiatives, as well as create partnerships between social innovators. 


events and communication

We actively promote social entrepreneurship, social responsibility and sustainability, UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030. 


Ecosystem building

We are initiating and implementing projects that strengthen the non-governmental sector in Lithuania and increase the popularity of social entrepreneurship ideas, social responsibility and social impact.  

Who are we?

We are the link between kind intentions and good deeds. We help non-governmental organisations, corporate and public sector organisations to clarify the social problems they aim to target, and with  professional help create a sustainable activity plan. We understand that social impact planning and management are inseparable processes for achieving positive change. 

piene nespalvota

Our aim

Our aim is to see individuals and communities involved in solving problems and making decisions. That is why we are helping non-governmental organisations become more effective and inclusive.

What is a social enterprise?

This is an activity model that aims to achieve a clear and measurable social impact for society. Social entrepreneurs look for  innovative ways to combat problems in our society. To do this, they employ social innovations (ideas, methods or good examples) that have been shown to work in other sectors. 


The Social Mission


Profit generation through commercial activities


The majority of profits are dedicated to social and environmental goal implementation. 

News & Blog

Social Enterprise Day 2022: how to behave in the world of dynamic changes

Citizen organizations and social businesses are systematically operating under conditions of indefiniteness. Therefore, they are looking for ways to survive when facing the tempest of changes. Social Enterprise Day 2022 was the fourth iteration of this conference, where representatives of citizen organizations, public policy makers and practitioners were discussing ways of working efficiently in the dynamic world and to train resilience to changes. They were exploring why indefiniteness could be beneficial to social businesses and what can be learnt from stress-inducing situations.

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