We live in a time of constant change, where change has become our new reality. It is easier to adapt to a dynamic environment, assess all circumstances and make appropriate decisions when we are resistant to uncertainty.

Resilience is a person’s ability to adapt to an unexpected situation, live in conditions of uncertainty, respond appropriately to changes and find the best solution. It is essential for any part of the change and is the part of many activities that happen consciously or subconsciously.

NGO and social businesses are probably constantly work in conditions of uncertainty and looking for ways to survive in the storm of change. At the fourth conference ‘Social Enterprise Day 2022’, representatives of organisations, public policy makers and practitioners will discuss how to work effectively in a dynamic world and scale resistance to change. Why can resistance be good for social businesses and what can we learn from stressful situations?


As last year, the conference will be held online, so we hope to receive participants from various cities, towns and abroad.


The Social Enterprise day 2022 will focus on Resilience and will bring together social entrepreneurs and innovators, experts and consultants, along with business and governments representatives.


We will hear stories from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and the Nordic countries.



Researcher and creator of social businesses 


Board member and consultant


Advisor of Ministry of Social Security and Labour and facilitator



‘Open Lithuania Foundation’ (Lithuania)


‘All Opportunities’ and ‘Go Remote’ (Latvia)

Project manager of social businesses 

‘Innovation agency’ (Lithuania)

Sociologist, trainer and facilitator, human rights and anti-burnout activist

Organisation ‘Women’s Room Foundation’ and ‘Regener Action Foundation’ (Poland)

CEO and the founder 

‘Minutes of Stillness’ (Estonia)

Social Entrepreneur, product designer and co-founder

 ‘Penki pojūčiai’  (Lithuania)


 ‘Nordic Council of Ministers office in Lithuania’

Social psychologist, writer, advisor and consultant 



‘Social Entrepreneurship Forum’ (SE Forum) (Sweden)

Urban cultural planner


Interdisciplinary expert in security policy, strategic communication and political advisory


Biologist and researcher of old-growth forest ecosystems



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