about social entrepreneurship

What is a social enterprise?

This is an activity model that aims to achieve a clear and measurable social impact for society. Social entrepreneurs look for  innovative ways to combat problems in our society. To do this, they employ social innovations (ideas, methods or good examples) that have been shown to work in other sectors. 


The Social Mission


Profit generation through commercial activities


The majority of profits are dedicated to social and environmental goal implementation. 

What are the main features?


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Social mission  –  related to the creation of a harmonious society, increasing inclusivity,  attainable education and similar indicators of progress. 

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Environmental mission -related to the creation of a sustainable society, efficient energy consumption, a reduction in carbon emissions and other improvements. 

The most commonly targeted fields:

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the integration of socially vulnerable people into the job market. 

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Personal help (helping elderly people, taking care of children, etc. ).

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Rural area development work.

Our consultations and trainings are based on 6 steps: