Impact Lab, a joint project of Geri Norai and Luminor Bank, invites NGOs and social enterprises to a training programme on social impact management. This project has been developed to help professionals measure and scale the impact they create. No more than ten organizations will participate in this comprehensive training and mentoring programme. You’ll have plenty of time to apply new knowledge and make impact measurements, which you’ll present in the final pitching session, with the opportunity to receive financial support.

Give life to your social impact ambition, overcome scaling challenges and become an inspiring motivator for others!

Registration until April 24th

We’ll inform the selected organizations by May 2nd



Impact Lab, which starts in 2022 on May 20th, has a rich programme of training sessions, individual consultation, and networking events:

May 20th – June 10th


We’ll meet every weekend for intensive impact management training. Together with a team of leading experts in their fields, you’ll learn how to measure and analyze your activities. You’ll find out how much data you need to prove your social impact. You’ll create a set of indicators and a measurement plan within the training groups.

June 10th


Build relationships, connect with other social enterprise professionals, and increase your business opportunities. During the event, we’ll discuss your needs in detail and introduce you to individual mentors who will help your team during the individual practice phase.

June – September 15th


Make social impact measurement a regular part of your organization’s activities. You already have all the necessary tools, so all you need to do is to make those measurements and evaluate your impact. On September 15th, during the Back to Impact Lab Event, share your experience and insights. Sometimes the greatest impact is not what you’d expect.

September 22nd-23rd


Decide how you want to present your idea to stakeholders, potential and current investors, and other supporters of your organization. Learn how to communicate your impact using narratives, numbers and reports. Give your story a voice and make sure your message comes through.

September 30th


It’s time for your hero pitch. Present your impact in a way that leaves your audience in no doubt about whether they should invest in your organization. The winner of the competition will receive financial assistance for further growth provided by Luminor Bank.


Theory of Change
This widely-utilized methodology will allow you to define the desired impact and identify activities that will help to achieve your goal and put your organization on the path to success.
Impact Indicators List
You probably already know that wanting to have a positive social impact doesn’t necessarily mean you will have one. A list of impact indicators will help you to achieve your objectives and evaluate the societal changes you’re seeking.
Research Methods List
See for yourself that impact measurement doesn’t have to be a tedious, complex and time-consuming activity. This tool will help you figure out ways to gather information about your activities, giving you reliable proof of your social value.
Measurement Plan
Project management wouldn’t exist without organizational skills. Similarly, impact measurement doesn’t exist without a clear measurement plan. Learn the most effective ways to organize activities around managing your social impact.
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