Social Enterprise Day 2021: how will we live in the post-pandemic reality?

The international Social Enterprise Day is organised on the third Thursday of November every year. During the virtual conference Social Enterprise Day 2021, which is organised by VšĮ Geri Norai on November 18 this year, experts will discuss how the pandemic impacted social enterprises and what potential opportunities COVID-19 provided to the creators of such businesses, a press release states.

“Social enterprises can respond faster to the challenges society faces and can offer people what they need the most at the time. The pandemic has showcased that the state focuses its attention on saving lives in difficult times. Still, there is also a need for initiatives, which could care for people’s emotional health. To improve the emotional wellbeing of society, it is necessary to encourage citizen involvement in various social initiatives,” Jurgita Ribinskaitė-Glatzer, the organiser of the conference Social Enterprise Day 2021 and the head of VšĮ Geri Norai LT, says. During the Social Enterprise Day 2021, social entrepreneurs will share their best practices. In addition, social policymakers and experts will invite to discuss how society could more actively become involved in everyday processes and how to nurture civic activity and ensure real social change. The conference’s topics will be presented by social leaders working with vulnerable groups in various communities. This time, attention will be predominantly focused on the following groups: LGBTQ+, youths, women, the elderly, children, refugees and asylum seekers.

Ivan Dimov (Bulgaria)

Prirkko Valge (Estonia)

The conference will include Ivan Dimov, the founder of the Bulgarian NGO Single Step, which helps LGBTQ+ youths seeking answers regarding personal identity questions. He will explain how to work with vulnerable groups, what challenges emerge and what positive impact this NGO’s work has on society.

Meanwhile, Pirkko Valge, a representative of the Estonian NGO Good Deeds, will share her experience of how the Estonians can attract private investment to implement social innovations.

The event will include social entrepreneurs and experts from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Nordic States, Bulgaria and Poland. The project is a part of the Active Citizens Fund, financed by EEA Grants. You can read the programme for Social Enterprise Day 2021 and register at the following link. The conference is free of charge.