Social enterpreneurship day 2021′

The status of human and civil rights in a (post)pandemic society / Social entrepreneurship as a new form of engagement and participation

The world has changed and is still changing due to our new pandemic reality. We have observed very interesting shifts in our work and life culture, yet we barely reflect on how this changes our society in general, how it affects the ways in which we cooperate and collaborate, the way our relationships in society are built and how, in the end, they affect our well-being. We need to reflect on the status of human rights and civil rights as we know it and see new ways to ensure a new quality of engagement and participation. One of the solutions is social entrepreneurship, thus we choose to mark the International day of Social entrepreneurship and celebrate passion, empathy and engagement.

Does the old plan – a green, competitive and inclusive Europe still work?  Let’s start up an honest discussion from the ground up.  Let’s see if partnerships with a foundation of trust and shared values, principles, and goals can help us to move forward and achieve ambitious goals at local, national, and international levels.

Lets focus on highlighting the best practices and initiate a debate on how to deal with our present and future in the context that we are facing. 

Our postCovid future will bring together social entrepreneurs and innovators, experts and consultants, business and government representatives, to discuss the best ways to collectively move from partnerships to scaling impact.

The conference combines two narratives – one bringing stories of change from the perspective of inspiring social leaders and their targets, and other businesspeople, policymakers, and expert discussions on what we can learn and how we can scale it. The main areas where we look for inspiration and answers are in – fighting inequality, ensuring gender equality and highlighting the power of education.

Save the date – November 18th!